Is medical tourism truly beneficial?

The medical tourism has become an industry in a very short span of time and many countries are reaping its benefits to find additional ways of financing their economies. The medical tourism is all about connecting the patients from one country to the top-quality health professionals at the best healthcare facilities in another country. There is a growing belief in the western countries like the United States and Canada that medical tourism offers a cheaper option for access to efficient healthcare treatment including medical, cosmetic, and dental services. The medical tourism industry is not just about patients and doctors or healthcare facilities but several travel agencies have specialized in this field to provide their customers and clients with the best destinations for their medical procedures.


There are many reasons that inspire people to seek medical treatment on the foreign soil.

  1. The first and the foremost reason for a patient to seek medical services abroad is the unavailability of such medical expertise in his or her own country.
  2. There are many people in the western world who opt for medical tourism as the local insurance companies don’t cover the full cost of a medical procedure in their country.
  3. The cost of healthcare serves in the first world countries has surged tremendously, therefore people opt for getting the medical services abroad where they can afford them.
  4. The standard of healthcare and technological advancements has improved at a global level which has added the confidence in the minds of patients to get the services obtained on foreign soil.


There are many benefits of the medical tourism, some of which are mentioned below.


  1. The biggest benefit of seeking medical services abroad is the affordability and cost-effectiveness factor. This very reason inspires people to go offshore as it helps them save around 30-80 percent of the total cost of the medical expenditure that people generally pay in the United States only.
  2. Many people confuse the medical tourism as a fraud, largely due to the fact that provision of medical procedures abroad is quite cheaper than their country. However, the truth of the matter is that the most popular medical tourism destinations offer the best quality medical treatment at the most affordable rates.
  3. Some of the top medical tourism destinations have acquired accreditation from the most reputed international organizations like JCAHO, JCI, and ISO, which further adds to the repute of healthcare facilities operating in these countries.